Mr Thomas MAPHOSA
   Managing member


I have had the good fortune of spending the last 12 years in the hospitality industry;

I have enjoyed hosting events of all magnitude from small functions to large banquets. The most recent one being the Confederations Cup.

The hospitality industry, to say is the most challenging and demanding careers that one could choose to pursue. Not any one day is ever alike; no dairy dictates your time or days and events.

Every Banquets, Conference, Wedding, Breakfast, Lunch or dinner has its individual challenges. These challenges are about the guest’s need. Our guest’s needs are our business.

In today’s flourishing hospitality events industry being competitive is an understatement, we have to be highly competitive, highly pro-active and dedicated in as far as service is concerned, but if you are mentioned for Excellence in service and for memorable times then you are indeed highly competitive.

I believe we excel in these non negotiable standards. We have a dedicated team of Events co-ordinators, function supervisors as well as service staff. In saying this, we have a prosperous future.

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