Motivations and Services
The managing member 
I have had the good fortune of spending the last 12 years in the hospitality industry;
I have enjoyed hosting events of all magnitude from small functions to large banquets. The most recent one being the Confederations Cup,more about our motivation.
What we will do for you

In servicing your needs we shall provide you with  the following services:

  • We shall  ensure that all employees assigned to  work  at your operations have the  necessary skills to complete the duties required of them     
  • We shall ensure that all employees assigned to you are our employees and as their employer we shall administer their terms and conditions of employment in accordance with the relevant legislation.
  • We shall ensure that all our employees assigned to our client confirm to the procedures and polices in place at our clients’ operations.
  • We shall be responsible for the remuneration of  all our employees at our clients.
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