Social responsibility

Restaurant and banqueting service  is commited to  its  social responsibility towards  the community, particullary rural communities, the previously disadvantaged and students who have  finished their academic  education  and can not further  their studies due  to financial constraints.
These are recruited and provided with free skills training , focusing at the events and hospitality  industry, the skills programmes   include, waitering, bartending, house keeping, cookery skills , where ever possible  these trainees are contracted to work at  our  various clients, some  are  assisted  with  permanant placemants in  hotels ,restaurants, lodges and conference centres.
Since  the  introduction of  the initiative in 2006  1%  of  our  monthly payroll  is dedicated   to this  initiative, 40  learners are recruited for training on  a monthly bases, to  date   50%  of the  learners  have been placed  on  permanent  jobs while  50%  is   still working  with  us as  casual  staff at our functions.

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