These are calculated on the bases of hours worked. Hence below are the hourly rates  for the various employee categories.

Housekeepers                R20.00p/h                           Till packers                    R18.00p/h    

Waiters                           R25.00p/h                           Cashiers                        R25.00p/h

Bartender                        R35.00p/h                           Event security               R30.00p/h

Table cleaners                R20.00p/h                           Stocktaking staff           R20.00p/h

Chefs                               R45.00p/h                           Cleaners                        R20.00p/h

Cooks                              R30.00p/h                           Wine stewards              R25.00p/h        

Food service Assistance   R30.00p/h
Staff  delivery and collection  fees are   from  a  minimum of      
R450.00, depending  on  where  the  delivery is done, our  staff  prices
are reviewed on  a  yearly basis.  
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